Mexico part 1 – Isla Mujeres

Alright guys – first things first. I promised to write some stories in English too. Here we go. If there are any grammatical mistakes or if I spell anything wrong – please be kind! English is my sencond language and for sure I will give my best for you.

There we go. Before I was even able to catch my flight at the end of February I needed to reshedule it to the next day. Chaotic me just missed to book my ESTA Visa for my Transit in Dallas, USA. Didn’t know I need a Visa just to stay in transit. No other country of this world ask you for an advanced Visa you have to pay for just for staying in transit. Like most of my trips and because of not really being a planning person it starts different. Things like this happens a lot to me. But yeah I wanted a new adventure and here it is! With one day delay my trip started with another delay. The Aircraft had some technical problems. Alright another 12h later i arrived Dallas, Texas. One of the biggest Airports in the USA. 1h to change aircrafts plus Immigration, Passport Control, Security Check and Sky train.

Made it! After another 4h flight i reached Cancún, Mexico. Now it was time to find the rental car station where i can get my rental for the next 3 weeks. Found a shop of them but it was broken and damaged. Didn’t really looks like anybody is working there. But I found a phonenumber. Well my Spanish isn’t the best but i could tell them where they could pick me up. We reached the rental car station. Bad luck for me. Had to wait for 30 mormons to pick up there cars first. (3 families) It was nearly 11pm until I reached my Hostel for the first night.

After a quick breakfast the next morning in a little Café i made my way to the ferry pier. Plan for the day was heading to Isla Mujeres.

Had the first spot in the Ferry tummy on the ramp. Not my favourite with a new rental car…I am still not the best in starting off on a ramp. 🙂 A little excited i enjoyed the view of Isla Mujesres. Seemed to be a beautiful little Island.

Made the driving off without any accident. 🙂 Whoop whoop. Another 30 minutes later I reached my Hostel. One of the most beautiful Hostels I ever stayed at.

The first Hostel I know with a private beach. Little paradise! Later on i took some of the Hostel mates on a little drive to the Island. We headed to the North which is way more touristy than the South.

Really liked this Island. Started the next morning with some more beach chills and a lovely view.

Time for another day trip with some other Hostel mates. Drove off to the other side of the Island to see some different beaches and La Mujer. Before we have even reached the first other beach I hit my toe on a rock. Had a 1cm cut infront of it. Because there was no doctor or a nurse close to us we just put a bandage around. Worked out somehow. 🙂

Well why not going on with the Sightseeing? So we did. Went to the most southern spot of the Island – La Mujer.

After this lovely stop i saw a flat tire on my rental. Fuck. Google said there is no Service Station on this Island. Well what should we do? Back to the Hostel seemed to be the best idea. No help over there but at least a lovely sundown.

Next morning it was time to leave. Dropped off the others at the regular Pier and went to a Petrol Station to put some more air into the tire. Didn’t help at all. There was a nail in there. The dude over there gave me a recommendation for a private repair shop. No tourists in that area, it was a little scatchy!

Beside a lot of broken car pieces I made a new little friend. A cute little dog with many fleas. I just had to pet it. An hour later i got my car back. It was fixed. Happy af I made my way back to the car ferry Pier. Time to get back to the mainland. After another 2h on the ferry and a few hours drive i made it to Tulum. Google.maps is always very optimistic 🙂

Reached the Strawhat, my 2nd Hostel. Run by 3 brasilian guys. It’s a funny Party place in the Center of Tulum. Was the Birthday of the gf from one of those guys. So the night went crazy and I got very drunk. Tequila still isn’t my drink. My hangover was crazy next morning. I was sick. Made out a daytrip with two other girls the last night but wasn’t sure if i am able to make it. Made it a few hours later and had one of the best days ever.

Sian Ka’an National Park definately is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Nature was amazing and soooooo beautiful. Mindblowing!

First time ever I have seen saltwater crocodiles. Huge motherfuckers, they grow up to 3,5m and can swim to any beach. But later on this trip i learned they are lazy af. Wow, what a day. Later on it was dinner time. Had some really good fod at La Hijas de la Toastadas.

Tuna Toastado and Shrimp Tortilla

Another day another daytrip. The girls and I decided it’s time for the famous Cenotes and some nice pictures. (hope you like it)

Was another good day! The other girls left later on and I changed Hostels.

Mayan Monkey is a beautiful place to stay but a little pricy. Also very quiet and less packed. Very good for some days to chill and just do nothing. Two days later it was time to leave again. After Mayan Monkey charged me 35$ US for a towel which got a little color from my beach towel, i left pretty pissed. Drove off backwards way too quick and hit a little wooden thing on the floor. Fuuuuuuck! No way. Just one week in Mexico and I damaged my car. Jackpot!

Off to Bacalar – the most southern City in Quintana Roo (Yucatan) I was staying at. Got a recommendation for this in Galway, Ireland in November 2019 from a Mexcian girl i met over there.

A Beautiful little City on a lake. This one has a lot of different blue tones. First things first. Time for some coffe and cake. Found a little bakery in town.

This Hostel was great. Straight at the lake and with a nice bar. One of the bartenders looked exactly like one of my friends from Nicaragua. After I had my welcome drink and time to chat with them – for sure it wasn’t the same person.

Time for dinner next door, also with a view.

After dinner it was time to catch up with all the other tavelers at the bar to get some drinks and get ready for the night. Even the bartenders joined for some salsa moves at La Catrina. Was a funny night with a lot of dancing (didn’t dance Salsa for 5 years) and many drinks. After this place we went to a bar with some Reggaeton music and danced our asses off. Got back home around 3am – crazy shit!

Some Sightseeing on the other day. Wasn’t in the mood for anything big.

And for sure some Qeusadillas as a Hangover cure with some Agua de Jamaica.

That was good. Later on I planned with two of the girls the next days trip to Belize. Doing a skydive into the great blue hole (one of the natural wonders) was one of my biggest dreams! Stay tuned 🙂

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